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Ultimate Guide to Shop Lace Front Wigs Online

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History of Wigs


Wearing wigs is an essence of an age-old fashion which is believed to be in use since ancient times, Egyptians who wore wigs to represent their status, religion, and culture. To them hair was a personification of identity. The elite Egyptians flaunted all kinds of hairstyles from simple plaits to bold voluminous curls as wearing wigs were only meant for the royals due to the huge price those days.

Ancient Techniques

In ancient days people used expensive Human hair and variety of inexpensive things like plant fibers even bird feathers and animal hair including wool and many more things. They Hand knotted the hair on to the wig cap which was time consuming and the sophisticated craftmanship made sure that only the elite had access to wigs irrespective of what material was being used. In the place of adhesive, they used beeswax and resins to make the wigs stay put.

Lace front wigs

Celebrity’s Favorite

Hollywood celebrities prefer lace front wigs to switch looks effortlessly without any flaw. Thanks to celebrities like Beyoncé, cardi B, Kim Kardashian and other fashion gurus, there has been an increasing demand for lace front wigs among women.

Construction of wigs

Wigs can be made of different materials, the prominent being Human hair and synthetic hair. Human hair wigs are comparatively costlier than synthetic wigs but they are more durable, style friendly and offer natural look. VEL Virgin Hair is a manufacturer of Human Hair Wigs made from raw virgin hair.

Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair

Human Hair Wigs comes in full lace wigs & front lace wigs. The difference lies in the construction of wig cap and technique in which hair is tied/sewn on to the cap. These techniques are very crucial as it determines the durability and the versatility of the wig. Whatever the technique might be, rest assured all our lace front wigs are 100% human hair, style friendly and gives you the most natural look. Natural human hair wigs can be used as protective hair styles and most preferred options for people with sensitive scalp.

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair wigs are mostly for one off use and can’t be reused. Due to the nature of synthetic fibers, it retains heat within the scalp and cause many health hazards. It is Heat resistant, can’t be colored. People with sensitive skin and scalp are advised to prefer natural human hair wigs. Also, people with medical conditions must avoid synthetic wigs.

Types of Wigs 

Full lace human hair

In full lace wigs, the cap is made up of lace and the hair is fully hand knotted to the sheer lace base cap. It is the traditional sewing technique for making wigs. The wigmakers use a ventilating needle for tying the hair on to the lace cap and carefully knot the hair. The process of hand knotting each and every hair is complicated, time consuming and requires well trained artisans who can patiently knot out a beautiful full lace wig. 

This sophisticated process makes full lace wigs imperceptible. When installed properly, full lace wigs will give a natural look that makes it impossible to differentiate between natural hair or wig. Thanks to the artisans at VEL Virgin hair, who knot the hairline with utmost care, so it mimics the natural hairline. It offers endless parting options and hairstyles. Be it a ponytail or half up half down hairstyles full lace wigs are always bang on. This is because the sheer lace base allows the scalp underneath to be seen and it creates an illusion that the hair is coming from the roots. These wigs can be installed with skin glue or tapes with little make up you are all dolled up!

Full Lace wigs - closure wig - frontal wig

Pros of full lace human Hair

The most realistic look


Natural hairline

Endless styling options

Can be styled away from face

Can be Colored/styled/curled

Cons of full lace human hair

The longevity of full lace wig is less due to the delicate nature of the construction technique. Care should be taken while handling the full lace wigs. A simple nail scratch (especially with nail extensions) can tear the lace base or make a hole which will make the whole product defective.

Lace Front Wigs Human Hair

Lace front wigs Human hair has sheer lace base at the front and fabric at the back. The hair is hand knotted at the front creating a more naturalistic look and makes parting of the hair easier without the wig cap being visible. The hairline comes pre plucked so it mimics natural hairline and hence the wig stays undetectable. Machine wefted Human hair weaves are then sewn on to the fabric at the back of the wig cap to complete the unit. The fabric makes the wigs durable unlike full lace wigs. In short lace front wigs has the best of both worlds. Its undetectable, the lace at the front comes in different sizes offering endless styling options, yet durable.

Lace front wigs are celebrities first choice as they are not evident and hair plays an important role while portraying any character. Hair Wigs plays a huge role in Hollywood, hair and fashion are intertwined one is not complete without the other. These wigs can be installed with or without adhesives or tapes. All our wigs come with pre sewn wig combs at the front and the back for secure fit. The wig band provides additional support.

African American Human Hair Wigs - wigs for black women

We at VEL Virgin Hair, offer almost all types of premium lace front wigs made up of real human hair that suits all your styling needs for women of all ethnicities. We have Lace front wigs for black women, Caucasian women, and white women. All our wigs are made of real human hair procured from the temples of south India. Since the hair is raw Virgin Remy hair it can be colored, curled, straightened and customized as per your need. All our wigs are style friendly and the bundles used to make the wigs are collected single young donor.

Only Hand-picked high quality Natural Human Hair goes in to the productions of wigs and hence all our wigs have natural brown undertone which makes it easy to bleach. When cared for properly, our lace front wigs can last for years.

VEL Lace front wigs human hair comes in 4 wide ranges based on the length and width of the lace area,

4x4 Closure Wig

These wigs have HD Lace closure of dimension 4x4 at the front of the wig cap. High quality Machine wefted human hair bundles are sewn on to the wig cap. These wigs are made of Raw Virgin Human Hair and are the best for everyday use.

Human Hair Lace Front Wigs


6x6 Closure Wig

6x6 HD Lace Closure wigs has high quality Raw Virgin Human Hair hand knotted on a high-definition lace offering deep parting options. The hair weaves are then sewn on to the wig cap to complete the unit. These premium wigs are apt for everyday usage and great for hairstyles that requires deep parting without the wig cap being visible. This huge closure wig covers the entire crown area and thus all types of parting can be done easily. These premium wigs can be worn everyday and the ease of styling is an added advantage.

Human Hair wigs near me - Lace front wigs Human Hair - frontal wigs 6x6

13x4 Frontal wigs  

These wigs have HD lace covering from temple to temple and fabric at the back. The natural hair line at the front makes it imperceptible and offers the wearer a clean and neat look and says undetectable and offer realistic look. The styling options are endless and creates an illusion that the hair is coming from the scalp, and this makes it impossible for anyone to find out that you are wearing a wig at all.

where to buy good wigs online - where to buy wigs near me

360 frontal wigs

360 frontal wigs are the best and even better than full lace wigs. The lace covers the entire perimeter of the wig cap. And fabric is attached only in the middle where human hair bundles can be sewn on. The lace runs around the head from one ear to all the way past another ear and back of the head.  This is truly a boon considering the durability, cost and styling options. It can be worn using adhesives like glues/tapes to secure the lace. If you would like to switch your look frequently this could be the best option. Best suite for high ponytails, half up and half down and many more. It gives an undetectable look thanks to the high-definition film lace used in all our lace front wigs. Additional wig combs and wig band provide a secure install.

360 frontal wig

Types of Lace

Premium French/Swiss Lace

full lace wigs - closure 6x6

 When it comes to undetectable and invisible laces French or Swiss lace are bang on. Preferred by celebrities and celebrity hairstylists across the world and are expensive than the Chinese lace. VEL Wigs are all made from HD Film Lace procured directly from the source. Rest assured all our wigs provide a natural look with invisible lace fronts.


Cheap Chinese Lace

Chinese laces are cheaper and inexpensive and widely available. They are visible when viewed at close quarters, and does not provide natural looking wig units. These laces are used mostly for synthetic wigs and an absolute no-no for premium Human Hair Wigs.


What Should You Choose?

If you prefer comfort, longevity and natural looking undetectable wigs then full lace and Lace front Human Hair wigs are the best options. Also, they suit sensitive skin and scalp. They let the air flow into the scalp and keeps the natural hair healthy and hence these are healthier options. If you are looking for protective styles that cause no damage to your natural hair and promotes hair growth then Human hair wigs are the only options. As in traditional sewins (leave out method), the natural hair has to be treated with heat almost every day to blend in with the bundles. 

Synthetic Wigs are basically used for stage dramas or for one off use or for short duration. Synthetic wigs do not allow air flow to the scalp and hence the heat is retained which invites health hazards.


Where Is It Used?

Fashion Statement

Hair is an integral part of fashion. A good hairdo certainly enhances your natural beauty.

Wigs for sale - wigs for women

Look Revamp

If you are person who likes to experiment with your looks. Wigs are for you! Be it for everyday use or something special for a big occasion, Wigs are an easy way to accomplish the look you desire

Medical Condition

For people with receding hairline or any underlying medical conditions like alopecia, hair loss due to hormone imbalance, etc., Human Hair wigs are literally a boon to them as they made with natural human hair its absolutely safe.

Transitioning to Natural Hair 

If you are looking to grow your natural hair after a big chop or just looking for a protective styles then wigs are the best option for you to keep your scalp and hair healthy.


Why Wigs?

Flaunt the look you want! Gone are the days where only celebrities had access to high quality human hair wigs. Imagine having a good hair day every day! Yes, it is possible to look and feel good with minimal effort. Thanks to the technical brilliance of Lace front wigs, you can change the color, style, and length of the wig as you desire and all this without damaging your natural hair. Experimenting new looks becomes more easier and healthier as your bio hair is not exposed to harmful chemicals or heat.

Right On Trend

Short Bob Wigs

Short bob wigs are always fast selling and on trend due to their stylish sporty looks and ease of styling. Short bob wigs can be worn in the blink of an eye and preferred for everyday use.

short bob wigs

Long Lace Wigs

Long hair is the envy of many and of course known for its versatility to adopt to any style. Imagine the sight of your long locks cascade down your shoulder graciously, every time you move, your gorgeous tresses move with you. Its a dream for many Which can be achieved with our beautiful lace front wigs. Little care has to be taken while handling long lace wigs and trust me it will be all worth the compliments that comes your way.

wigs human hair - Best lace wigs

Lace Front Wigs Human Hair - Investment

These handmade wigs are unique, beautiful and what makes them special is the raw hair. We source raw virgin hair directly from the temples of south India. The raw hair is then checked for quality and only Virgin hair from young donors are retained for further production. The non-virgin hair is then sold to other Indian/Chinese vendors who further manipulate it and sell it for cheaper price. 

Raw virgin hair is an investment itself, when maintained properly it can easily last up to 9 + years. Lace front wigs made of real human hair is just a royal treat which is not easily available in the market. We at VEL Virgin hair manufacture all types of wigs at our factory located in the sub urbs of Chennai. We procure only the best virgin hair that is raw and unprocessed so rest assured all our human hair extensions when maintained properly will last a minimum of 5 plus years. Our Lace wigs comes in a variety of textures to suit your styling needs. You can now choose and customize your wig too! Contact us for more information.

We are pioneers in making lace front wigs in-house in India using real Human Hair. Hand knotted lace front combined with the machine wefts in the hands of our skilled team of artisans produce a more natural and beautiful wigs. 

The wig company - VEL Virgin Hair
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