what is virgin hair?

What is virgin hair

Human hair is one of the most natural and healthy materials in the world. Raw Virgin Indian Human Hair comes from real people who have never been processed or dyed in any way. In fact, human hair may have been used for thousands of years!

Welcome to VEL Virgin Hair. We sell a variety of hair extensions, including virgin hair extensions. What is virgin hair? Virgin hair means that it hasn't been processed or dyed in any way before being used as an extension. This can be beneficial to your health because the cuticle layer on virgin human hairs is still intact and there are no chemical bonds between it and the outer cortex layer.

Virgin hair is not just a subset of natural hair.

Virgin hair is not just a subset of natural hair. It's also different in texture and feel, as well as appearance. The best way to know if your hair is virgin is it feels or smells like a real natural human hair.

Virgin hair is hair that has never been processed.

Virgin hair is hair that has never been processed. It's the most natural form of human hair, and it's often used in wigs, extensions, and dreadlocks.

The best way to know if your hair is virgin is if it does not feel or smell like human hair.

The best way to know if your hair is virgin is if it feels or smells like a real natural human hair. If the hair is virgin, it will not have a chemical smell and will look and feel like real human hair.

How Much does Real Raw Virgin Hair Cost?

Virgin hair is real human hair that has not been processed or chemically treated. It's unprocessed human hair, meaning the strands have not been dyed, bleached or chemically treated. The average cost of virgin hair can vary depending on where you buy it from (from $500-$2500 per kilo), but it's usually more expensive than grade A or B synthetic alternatives that are cheaper because they're made with silicone and other chemicals.

We procure hair only from the Indian temples in India where devotees donate their locks to be woven into braids/weaves/closures/wigs for sale as an act of faith - it's believed that wearing this type of weave will bring good luck and prosperity into your life!

What is raw hair?

Raw hair is unprocessed, untreated and uncolored. It has not been chemically processed or dyed. It comes from temples in India where women donate their virgin tresses to be collected by companies that sell them to manufacturers of wigs, extensions and extensions for hair replacement therapies.

Raw Virgin hair is the only type of hair that can be used for hair extensions and wigs. It’s also used in surgical procedures like scalp reduction, which is a method used to treat baldness.

What are the advantages of buying virgin hair?

In addition to the fact that you can dye and bleach your hair, there are some other advantages of buying virgin hair.

The first one is that you can use heat on your new-found locks. This allows for styling and cutting as you please without damaging the actual strands of hair itself.
Second advantage: You don't have to worry about damage because there aren't any chemicals involved in production so no worries about bleaching or dying!

    And lastly, it's real unprocessed human hair, means you won't have to worry about tangles or knots!



    When buying a pack of virgin wigs you want to make sure they are natural looking and have no chemical smells

    Look for vendors with good reputations and customer reviews. Look at the length of time they've been in business, how long they've been selling their products and what kind of return policy they offer on hair extensions.

    Look for vendors who offer a variety of products so that you can find something suitable for your application needs.

    Are all raw hair bundles from Indian temples real human hair that is raw unprocessed and Single Donor with Cuticle?

    It is crucial to exercise caution when dealing with the hair industry as it can be complex and often lacks transparency. While hair bundles marketed as "raw Indian temple hair" may claim to be real human hair that is unprocessed and single donor with cuticle intact, not all of them may actually meet these criteria.

    Some hair vendors may resort to mixing hair from different donors or chemically processing the hair to achieve certain textures or colors. Furthermore, some vendors may falsely claim that their hair is sourced from Indian temples as a means of enhancing their marketability, when in fact, the hair may be sourced from other countries or non-temple sources. Therefore, it is important to conduct thorough research and choose a reputable hair vendor who is transparent about their sourcing and processing methods.

    This includes looking for vendors who provide detailed information about the hair, including the country of origin, donor type, and any processing that may have been done. Additionally, customer reviews can be helpful in gauging the quality and authenticity of the hair.

    How to maintain virgin hair

    Wash your hair regularly:

    The most important thing to do is to wash your hair regularly and make sure that you are using quality products to keep it healthy. If you have long-term virgin hair, a good shampoo and conditioner will help keep the moisture in and prevent split ends from developing.

    Deep condition or use a deep treatment once or twice a week:

    You can also use a deep treatment if you feel like your strands are too dry or hard after washing them (this is also called steam therapy). This method involves steaming out all of the excess sebum (oil) from each strand of hair with hot water, which helps restore moisture balance back into each strand so that they'll have more shine than before!

    If this doesn't work for you then try using an over-the-counter conditioner instead since they usually contain lots of beneficial ingredients such as Botanicals & Plant Extracts like Chamomile Flower Extract which functions as both an anti-inflammatory agent but also moisturizing agent which promotes faster healing times due to its antioxidant properties.

      How to style virgin hair

      You can curl, straighten and dye virgin hair in many ways. You can also use heat tools on virgin hair. You can style your virgin hair in many ways including:

      Curling up the ends (opposite direction) for a more relaxed look - this is called "crinkle curling"

      Perming - there are professional perming services that specialize in creating style using chemical processes which leave no damage to your strands so you will not have to worry about damage if you decide to go this route later down the road when your color fades away or if you want another change!

        Natural, ethical, unprocessed human hair

        Natural, ethical, unprocessed human hair. Virgin hair is the real deal: 100% human with no chemical treatments or bleach. It's also the only kind of virgin hair that we carry here at VEL Virgin Hair

        This means that all our stylists use only natural oils from the scalp to condition your new purchase before styling it into its final look so that you can be sure it's as healthy and strong as possible for as long as possible without any damage caused by heat styling tools or chemicals like chlorine or peroxide used in most other types of synthetic extensions (weaves).

        Virgin hair extensions

        Virgin hair bundles are the most popular type of extension, but there are other options as well. Virgin hair closure systems can be purchased in bulk and used to cover your entire head or just a section of it. They work by holding individual strands of hair together into one large strand, which is then attached to a wig or ponytail base.

        Wigs and ponytails are also popular with customers who want to customize their look without having to buy an entire set of extensions every time they want something new--especially if they're looking for something that stands out from the crowd!

        If you want to buy real human unprocessed, virgin authentic Indian temple hair for a very reasonable price, please contact us at https://www.vel-virginhair.com and get your beautiful, good quality, healthy and ethical hair today!

        Ethically sourced from Indian temples and sold by the kilogram.

        Virgin Human Hair

        There are a lot of vendors out there who say they sell virgin hair. But what exactly does that mean?

        Virgin hair means that the vendor has not used any chemicals on their hair, which means it's more likely to hold its natural shape and color throughout the life of your extensions. It also means you can rest assured that you won't have to worry about damage from heat-styling tools or other styling products when you're wearing them.

        In fact, many people prefer their extensions from vendors who use only virgin human hair because these types of styles tend not to damage easily or cause breakage after repeated use in hot weather conditions (like summer).

        VEL Virgin hair - Virgin human hair manufacturer

        VEL Virgin hair - Virgin human hair manufacturer

        We are a family run company with over 45 years of experience, we have the best quality hair at the best price. Our hair is 100% real human hair, we only use virgin human hair for our products which means that there is no chemical processing or bleaching involved in our products.

        The best thing about virgin hair is that it has not been processed by any other company before. You can rest assured that your hair will look just as great after its been cut and colored as it did when you bought it from us!

        What is Virgin Hair
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